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 All documents are in PDF format and require Adobe's free PDF reader.

MGL EFIS user manual (4 MBytes) Enigma and G1, older document but many things still relevant.

G2 Getting started guide This document gives a "first time" overview of how to do basic things on your Odyssey or Voyager G2 EFIS. It describes intallation of aviation databases, maps and gives a tour of the various default screens and how to perform basic operations including configurations. It is a "must read" for new G2 users and probably also includes a few interesting bits for seasoned users.

iEFIS and G2 navigation manual. How to use the navigation system on G2 and iEFIS systems, including autopilot related navigation tasks.

MGL compass operation and installation. This manual gives detailed information on the new "EFIS-3D" compass mode introduced on the G2 which is available with SP-6B compass units (upgraded version of the SP-6). Also gives many installation tips and recommendations related to correct installation of an electronic magnetic compass system.

MGL Avionics map and aviation database installation "MGL EFIS Files document".This manual describes how the various map, terrain data and navidata files operate in the EFIS systems, where to get them and how to install them.

Interactive Map and Flightplan tool. This document describes the features and use of the G1 and G2 map and flightplan tool. This is used to view maps and create or edit routes (flightplans).

Using the ground proximity and flap overspeed warning system This document describes how to use the ground proximity warning and flap position overspeed warning system on a G2 system.

Enigma and Odyssey installation manual (1.4 MBytes)

Integrated autopilot manual (1 MByte) Updated March 2011.

 EFIS installation troubles. This document gives guidance to possible installation related electrical and other issues, how to identifiy them and how to fix them. This document is based on many years of experience in the field and shows common as well as unusual installation problems without going into boring detail. It can act as a guide if things go wrong and you would like some guidance as to what to look out for. 

Enigma alterations guide (about 2.3 MBytes) This document describes how to create new Enigma screens and how to modify existing ones, the principles still apply for G1 and G2 also.

Enigma Flight Planner (around 550 KBytes): Note: This application has been replaced with the new MGL Central.

MGL Central brief user manual This is the start of the new manual for MGL Central, the replacement for the old "Enigma Flight Planner".

Enigma Black Box viewer documentation (about 500 KBytes)

MGL EFIS data feed documentation (about 200 KBytes). A data feed can be enabled in the G2 EFIS. This transmits comprehensive EFIS data on a RS232 link for use by Flight Data recording devices or other devices.

Temperature compensation DIY This document describes how to use the optional pressure transducer temperature compensation features introduced in later versions of MGL EFIS systems. For DIY repairs or recalibration with wide range pressure transducers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to MGL EFIS USB interface This document describes installation of the MGLUEFIS package. This allows you to connect a MGL EFIS to Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to MGL EFIS simulator interface  This document describes how to connect the Enigma or Odyssey simulator to Microsoft's Flight simulator

MGL Plates compilerThis document describes how to use the MGL Plates compiler. This document is also included in the Plates compiler download in the EFIS tools page.

Garmin  iEFIS/Odyssey/Voyager integration document. This document details setups and installation for the Garmin 430 or similar to iEFIS, Odyssey or Voyager via ARINC. This document has been contributed to the MGL community by Cecil Jones who has also been instrumental in getting this to work.

Navworx ADSB to Odyssey/Voyager G2 installation and use. This document details setup and installation for the Navworx ADSB transceivers and receivers. This document has been contributed to the MGL community by Celil Jones who has been instrumental in the development effort for the G2 ADSB interface.

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