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Updates - 18 September 2014

On this page you can download all the latest versions of the various EFIS tools and support programs. 

EnigmaSound.EXE (about 1 MBytes) Updated 1 July 2010 with new sounds for autopilot.

Run this program to install the Enigma sound recorder. This program allows you to record your own voice alarms and phrases. It creates a single file containing all your sounds that you can easily install in your Enigma. This version also allows you to use sound files in WAV format created by external applications (simply name them accordingly and overwrite the existing WAV file(s) before creating the Enigma sound file). Please note that the sounds MUST be recorded in 8 Bits, 8Khz, Mono. Use a conversion utility if your source is in a different format. 

EnigmaMapMaker.EXE (about 500 KBytes)  Version uploaded 26 August 2010

Run this program to install the Enigma map maker program. You use map maker to convert any map in JPG or BMP format for use with Enigmas moving map.

Mapmaker in the current release converts any raster image to a map file directly usable with Enigma. Source map files in BMP or JPG format are geo-referenced, accurately scaled and deskewed and translated into the color space model of Enigma. Future updates of the program will assist in importing terrain data as well.

MGL Central (about 2.7MBytes) Release 1.9 uploaded 18 September 2014

This is the new MGL Central database and flight planning application. It provides a comprehensive aviation database with import facilities for many data sources and formats. Flight planning includes integrated interface to Google maps.

This application replaces the "Enigma Flight Planner" application. 

EnigmaBMPtoMIF.exe (about 400 KBytes) version uploaded 4/5/2007

This program is used to convert images in Windows BMP format to Enigma MIF format. You can use this program to make your own Startup screen (Splash screen) and aircraft layout backdrops for the Weight and Balance calculator.

Note: Splash screens should be made in a size of 320x240 pixels, W&B backdrops are 320x140 pixels. Sample BMP files included in this download.

Enigma vector map editor (about 1.1MBytes) version BETA release uploaded 24/10/2007

This program is used to edit Enigma format "World vector" data files (VMAP.EVD) as well as airspace vector files (Airspace.EVD).

It allows you to create your own vector files or edit existing files and submit your edits for inclusion in our file downloads.

This program should be used with suitable raster map files as backdrop to make it easy to trace features. Suitable map backgrounds can be produced using the Enigma map maker application (download above) using scanned images from aeronautical charts or atlases or you can use existing image files in BMP or JPG formats.

Please note: This program is a beta release and may malfunction or corrupt your data. Only work on copies of your original data files and test the result in Enigma Flight planner and Enigma simulator.

Enigma Black Box viewer (about 1MBytes). Version release uploaded 03 August 2010

This program is used to view Enigma flight recording data. Enigma can be setup to record flight, navigation and engine data to SD/MMC card. Using this program you can organize the recorded data into flights, graphically view the data and export the data in various formats including Google Earth for viewing of your flight path in 3D !!!

Install includes documentation in pdf format.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to EFIS interface (About 1.2 MBytes) version 1.1 release.

This update changes the USB communications related to attitude in order to retain compatibility with current EFIS releases.

This Windows based program acts as the glue between a Microsoft Flight Simulator installation and a Enigma, Odyssey or Voyager EFIS. The EFIS is connected to the PC using a USB port (using a standard PC/USB printer cable). This installation also includes a USB driver for the MGLUEFIS program. This first issue does not include any engine data transfer from the flight simulator. Items covered are: All primary flight instruments, AHRS, compass (heading), GPS related items.

This program depends on a third party interface called FSUIPC. This is a shareware program. It works unrestricted. If you find this program useful, we would like to ask you to register it with its author ( It is very inexpensive. This installation includes the FSUIPC DLL that needs to be copied into the Flight Simulator modules folder. This DLL caters for Flight Simulator versions up to FS2004 Century of Flight. For FSX you need the FSUIPC4 installation which can be downloaded here: You can also download the full FSUIPC distribution from this website if you need it.

MGL Avionics plates compiler (About 4MBytes), release beta October 2010

This utility allows you to import airports plates in PDF format as well as images in JPEG and BMP format and compile them to MGL Avionics plates format which combines multiple plates into single files (for example plates retated to an airport). Plates can also be cropped and geo-referenced.

The download includes a few sample plates and a small tutorial that shows you how to create plates files for use with your EFIS. Documentation and tutorial are included in the download (PDF file). Please note: Plate files work on Odyssey and Voyager EFIS only. Ensure that you are using version of the Odyssey/Voyager systems or later.

MGL Avionics IOX Scipt file generator/editor (about 500KBytes), release 3, October 2010.

The IOX script file generator is a Windows application used to generate a file that contains configuration and usage scrips for your MGL I/O Extender. Use this applications to assign functions to the IOX inputs and outputs. Also view the EFIS accessories page.

Engine horse power calculation formula for G2 and iEFIS.  The formula is based on research and test flights done by Calle Hedberg and John Smith. Document on the details is available here.  EXCEL speadsheet for constant calculations as shown in the document is here.

MGL Avionics EFIS recording tool. This Windows application allows viewing of iEFIS data recordings and export of flight path to Google Earth. The installer includes a PDF document on how to use the application as well as sample flight data. 

Please note: At this time this application can only be used for iEFIS systems. Odyssey and Voyager G2 are sheduled to be upgraded to the new recording format used here in the near future.

MGL Avionics MapMaker 2. This Windows based tool allows geographic referencing and conversion of digital maps in TIFF or JPEG format into the MapMaker 2 raster format supported by EFIS systems that have firmware support for this format. Note that the format produced is different to that of the original MGL Avionics map maker program and not suitable for older systems.
The download is a Windows Installer and includes a manual in PDF format.