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The RDAC CAN Engine monitoring module

The RDAC CAN module can be used with Odyssey/Voyager G2 EFIS systems, the XTreme EFIS and EMS as well as all iEFIS systems.

The RDAC CAN module connects to the EFIS CAN bus and the CAN bus of an engine ECU system.

This model caters for the MW B22 engine which provides information via a CAN interface.

From the engines ECU the following information is available:


Oil temperature

Fuel pressure

Manifold pressure

Further to the above the interface povides its own monitoring for:

2 x NTC temperature senders as fitted to the MW engine for water temperature monitoring.

1 x Oil pressure sender input for the MW oil pressure sender.

2 x Fuel level sender inputs (resistive or voltage output (0-3.3V)).

1 x Fuel flow input (accepts flow senders or can be used to derive flow from injector monitoring.

1 x Electrical current sensor (DC type centered at 2.5V such as the MGL magnetic current sender).

Installation and user manual - RDAC CAN for MWB22