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The iEFIS panels are available in a “Lite” version. This version does not require the use of the iBOX and is thus suitable for applications where low cost and simplicity of the installation are required.

The “Lite” panel uses exactly the same firmware as a regular iEFIS system and is this not restricted in is capabilities, save for any function that requires specific hardware support by the iBOX.

The “Lite” panel itself includes altimeter and airspeed sensors, a built in WAAS GPS, AHRS, CAN interface for connection to any MGL CAN based peripheral as well as two RS232 ports for connection to items like radios etc. It is also possible to connect an EFIS expander. This provides additional analog and digital inputs and digital (switched) outputs, an AOA sensor as well as 5 RS232 ports for a total of 6 usable RS232 ports. It also provides an interface for a standard MGL OAT sensor (the Lite panel has a built in sensor intended mostly for open cockpit aircraft).  

Up to two “Lite” panels can be used in a single system and they can share RS232 ports and CAN bus devices.

A typical comprehensive functionality “Lite” panel may consist of:

A) One or two EFIS panels
B) One RDAC for engine monitoring plus probes as needed
C) One SP-6 compass

Add to this:

D) One, two or three autopilot servos
E) SP-10 Flap and Trim controller

Also consider the large infrastructure of peripherals from MGL and third parties ranging from VHF radios, navigation radios, transponders, electronic circuit breakers and more.

Please view the iEFIS “Lite” user and installation manual for details on the “Lite” functionality as well as differences to a regular iEFIS system.

iEFIS Lite

Image showing the “Discovery Lite” panel