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iEFIS primer.

iBOX installation manual

iEFIS installation manual

iEFIS user manual

iEFIS navigation manual

IEFIS Autopilot manual  

IEFIS Tone generator (Vario and AOA)  

IEFIS AGL and Flap warning setup

IEFIS Rotor craft setup    

iEFIS alteration guide (Explains how to create your own screens, updated Dec 2018)

Quick start quide - Installation and first use (iEFIS regular)

IEFIS system cloning, backup and restore

IEFIS G3 “ObserveMe” feature - setup and use

IEFIS Analog and digital inputs and outputs - setup and use

IEFIS Plates - Using approach plates and airport diagrams on the iEFIS

IEFIS altimeter calibration

IEFIS Trig TY9x VHF transceiver installation and use

IEFIS GPS System - setup and usage

IEFIS PocketFMS EasyVFR plates user manual

Tools applicable to the iEFIS

iEFIS to Microsoft Flightsimulator interface. (Only for iEFIS regular)

iEFIS flight data recording viewer/tool. (Lite and regular)

Documents applicable to the iEFIS “Lite”

Quick start guide - iEFIS Lite

IEFIS “Lite” quick calibration and checkout  function

IEFIS “Lite” user and installation manual

iEFIS Documents

On this page you will find documents applicable to the iEFIS systems