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MGL-Garrecht interface installation document

Garrecht Avionics remote Mode-S transponder

VT-0102-070 Class 2 (170W operation up to 15.000ft)

VT-0102-125 Class 1 (250W operation up to 40.000ft)

Avaliable as either Class 1 or Class 2 compliant mode-S transponder.

The VT-0102 is a remote mount transponder that is controlled by a MGL EFIS and does not require any further panel space. The VT-0102 provides a full function mode-S transponder to level 2es and is EASA approved. The VT-0102 can be connected to the following EFIS systems: Odyssey G2, Voyager G2, XTreme EFIS, iEFIS Discovery, iEFIS Explorer and iEFIS Challenger.

The VT-0102 is also compatible with the MGL REM-T1 remote head which provides a redunant, 2.14" panel mount interface to the transponder while at the same time allowing remote control from an EFIS system. 

Click here for more information on the VT-0104 mode-S transponder

Garrecht Avionics Stand Alone Mode-S transponder

VT-0104-070 Class 2 (170W operation up to 15.000ft)

VT-0104-125 Class 1 (250W operation up to 40.000ft)

Avaliable as either Class 1 or Class 2 compliant mode-S transponder.

This transponder is intended for applications that do not require remote control from an EFIS system

The VT-0104 "UltraCompact" is a single piece mode-S transponder to level 2es. It includes a built in altitude encoder as well as RS-232 interface for ADS-B and Extended Squitter. German made quality at an affordable price comes with EASA approval. 

The VT-0104 is simple to install, fits a standard 2.14" instrument cutout (rear mount) and is an ideal choice for any light aircraft.

Note: This device may not be operated in European airspace, only mode-S transponders are permitted in Europe.

Sandia Aerospace Stand Alone and remote control, low cost Mode-C transponder

STX165 panel mount mode C transponder

STX165R remote mount mode C transponder

For applications where a traditional mode-C transponder is adequate, MGL Avionics offers the Sandia Aerospace transponders. The STX165R transponder can be remotely controlled through MGL G2 EFIS systems, iEFIS systems and the XTreme EFIS.

The STX165 includes a built in altitude encoder, the STX165R obtains the altitude from the connected EFIS system. These transponders are brand new to the market and have just received their FAA certification.

Please note: The STX165 cannot be remotely controlled, it is a full feature, stand-alone transponder. The STX165R is the remote control version. It does not have a panel display and is indended for remote mounting, controlled through an external device such as an EFIS.

These transponders are the current, lowest cost option for a certified mode-c solution on the Planet !

More information at

STX165 user manual

STX165 and STX165R installation manual

STX165 panel cutout

Connecting, configuring and using the STX165R with a MGL EFIS system.

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