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This page contains links for public Beta releases for the G3 system

Beta versions are pre-release firmware versions made available to enthusiastic MGL users.

Please note that these releases may not be 100% stable as they tend to be development snapshots. Beta releases may contain unexpected issues as they have not undergone extensive testing.

Please use these releases with care and only in conditions where any form of firmware malfunction will not be the cause of any kind of secondary in flight problem that could lead to airspace violations, navigation failure or accidents of any kind.

Current: Beta A for

Binary firmware file for EFIS

Matching G3 simulator

Details for this release:

Completely reworked plates system.

Please consult the document “iEFIS Plates” for details on how to use the new system.

This release also contains a few bug fixes and enhancements:

“World” style map zoom levels could crash the system or could perform very slowly.

Faster airspace boundary evaluation based on map touch.

Incorrect calculation of Z axis G-force if a “Lite” panel using built in AHRS installed at an angle.

ADSB Metar and TAF display sorted. Now simple to switch between the two.