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On the right you will find links to documents and tools directly related to the iEFIS system.

The Documents and Downloads section from the navigation bar above will give you links to further documents and tools which are used not just for the iEFIS for for our other systems as well.

Many of these will be useful to you so do not forget to check them out.

Panel dimensions iEFIS Discovery (7")

Panel dimensions iEFIS Explorer (8.5")

Panel dimensions iEFIS Challenger (10.4")

iEFIS Documents page

IEFIS Simulator and Screen Designer application

Following in the established footsteps of the Enigma, Voyager and Odyssey EFIS systems, the iEFIS continues the tradition of allowing the users to create their own screens and layouts. However, at the same time it offers more than ever plug and play functionality with a host of built in display options.

Please download this application from this link (Firmware updates page, this is the G3 version)

The screen designer application is synchronized with actual firmware releases. You can download both using the above resource links.