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SP-7 solid state AHRS


The SP-7 contains a MEMS based three axis gyroscopic device (strapdown gyroscope) and a three axis accelerometer. Using advanced software algorithms it uses the measurement data from these sensors together with other information as may be available via the interfaces to provide a best estimate AHRS solution.

The SP-7 typically provides bank and pitch angle, rate of turn as well as gravitational forces or acceleration to the host system.

Using a newly developed dynamic aiding algorithm the SP-7 is able to provide outstanding resilience to performance degrading effects caused by vibration and airframe shocks while avoiding negative affects of traditional aided systems.

The SP-7 AHRS provides measurement of angular rates up to 250 degrees per second on any axis and measures G-forces up to 6 G.

The SP-7 forms an ideal companion product to MGL's EFIS systems but can also be used stand-alone using a AV-1 or AV-2 instrument.

The SP-7 provides several interfacing options: The reliable CAN bus is used with iEFIS exclusively. On older Odyssey and Voyager systems you can use either CAN bus or the older MGL Airtalk link (CAN bus is recommended due to higher performance). Finally, the SP-7 provides a traditional RS232 serial interface at 57600 Baud intended for simple third party use as well as for Firmware updates.

SP-7 devices manufactured after September 2013 can also receive firmware upgrades through the CAN interface via iEFIS systems. Older SP-7 systems can be upgraded to current firmware versions using the Windows based update utility available for download on this page.  

Upgrade manual for new SP-7 firmware. This PDF document describes how to update older SP-7 units to the new firmware.

User installable firmware update: Updates older SP-7 devices. Requires Windows PC (XP or later and a RS232 serial port). A suitable cable needs to be constructed to connect the SP-7 to the PC.