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South African Navidata, Raster Maps and approach plates used to be available from JJ Avionics.

Unfortunately Juergen Jansen who maintained this data passed away recently due to a serious illness and his website is no longer accessible.

Here are the download links to the most recent navidata and plates files that Juergen produced.

Navidata file (Airports, airspaces etc)

Plates in 640 pixel resolution (Recommended for older MGL systems)

Plates in 800 pixel resolution (Good for Discovery, Explorer, can also be used for Odyssey/Voyager)

Plates in 1024 pixel resolution (Recommended for Challenger systems)

Note: Plates are in zip file format - please extract the contents of these zip files and copy them onto the root folder of your SD of SD Micro card. This is where your EFIS expects to find these files.

As from now, current South African navidata can be obtained via subscription service from either of the following companies:

Jeppesen (Worldwide data, various subscription options)

PocketFMS (Worldwide data, various subscription options, flight planning applications for desktops and mobile devices)

EasyPlan (Southern Africa data, flight planning applications for desktops and mobile devices)

For U.S. Navidata and Maps, please consult the U.S. Website

You will also find user contributions on the MGL Forum

For other regions, please consult your MGL representative (links are on the MGL Home page here)

Click here for the MGL Data page.

Here you will find World Wide terrain data and Vector map files compatible with our EFIS systems.