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MGL open development systems

This page gives access to development systems available for third party use.

No warranties or support by MGL Avionics is implied by the availability of these items to the public. All risks remain with whoever uses these items for whatever purpose. No fitness for any purpose is implied. Development systems may not be the latest versions and may not be free from faults. All source code delivered is for reference only. Use in whatever way remains the risk of the person or company using these items. No warranty, no cost, no licence. Free for use in any way as long as the developer or user absolves MGL Avionics and its personnel of any responsibility including negligence.

No item included for download here many be in any way resold for monetary or material gain. This restriction does not apply for any goods that may arise out of the use of these items.

MGL Avionics is the copyright holder of the Embedded Pascal development system excluding assembler/linker and some related parts which fall under the GNU Licence. MGL grants anybody the right to use the development system as it stands for any purpose but it may only be distributed free of any cost.

The Embedded Pascal development system is used by MGL Avionics for most of its product development and as such is developed to suit only this purpose. This implies that it is not intended for public use and thus does not have to follow any standards or function in any particular generic way.

The RDAC CAN is a universal system intended for CAN to CAN translation such as would be needed to  translate an engine ECU CAN bus to that of the MGL EFIS. It also includes provision for a double H bridge motor driver as used in the SP-10 (same basic hardware). A few analog/digital inputs are also available.

The RDAC CAN development system with sources for Rotax 912iS. This download contains a complete Embedded Pascal for the ARM compiler and toolchain plus the Pascal sources as used for the RDAC CAN interface as reference.
This can be used as bases to construct a RDAC CAN interface to any type of CAN based ECU.

Download the development system here.

Download circuit diagrams and layouts here.