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Fuel Flow Sender Manual


Clamp type EGT probe

This probe is often used for after market fits and is available in two sizes to suit small and large diameter exhaust manifolds.

Probe diameter 5mm

Small clamp: probe length 16mm, diameter clamp 55-30mm

Large clamp: probe length 25mm, diameter clamp 65-40mm

Bolt type EGT probe

This probe is based on a metric 8x1 fine pitch thread such as used on some Rotax engines. It can be used on manifolds that do not have provision for this thread by drilling a 5mm hole for the probe and welding a suitable 8x1 fine pitch nut to the manifold to retain the probe.

Consult engine manufacturer for correct position. Typical positions are:

2-stroke engine: 100mm from exhaust flange

4-stroke engine: 75mm from exhaust flange

Flowscan fuel flow sender (not currently stocked in RSA)

Flowscan installation manual (Filesize 500KBytes)

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