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MGL Avionics

MGL Servo optional accessories:

We have a kit available containing required parts to construct a servo linkage using left and right hand thread rod end bearings (shown on picture left).

Converting the servo to a capstan servo is simple using the optional capstan conversion kit that includes all required parts.

Please note: the capstan kit uses flexible steel cable around a drum. This cable should have a diameter of approximately 1.5mm. This cable is not included in the kit and must be supplied by the installer depending on required length. This cable is typically fixed to the actual, larger diameter control cable using clamping blocks. These clamping blocks are supplied. Minor alteration of these block may be required to suit actual control cable diameter.

Capstan servo installation guide

Optional accessory servo link kit

One end of servo link kit shown assembled.

Optional accessory servo link kit contents:

1 x Alu tube 30cm

1 x Rod end bearing RHT with fitting and nut

1 x Rod end bearing LHT with fitting and nut

4 x rivets

Optional accessory capstan kit

This precision machined capstan kit allows conversion of a standard MGL Servo to a capstan servo.