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Updating G3 Firmware

1) Download the file EXP3.BIN from the iEFIS G3 update page

2) Copy this file onto the root folder of an SD Micro card. The card can be formatted in either FAT16 or FAT32. Note: If this is a heavily used card, it is recommended to format the card (quick format if fine) to create a clean file structure (certain file operations involving long filenames may cause the EFIS botloader not to “see” the EXP3.BIN file).

3) Insert the SD Micro card into the EFIS

4) Switch the iEFIS on

5) You should see a brief black screen with white writing showing the file copy progress. This tends to take about 2-3 seconds.

6) You update is complete, the EFIS should automatically start with the new firmware.

If this does not happen:

Ensure you have correctly copied the EXP3.BIN file to the SD Micro card.

If you can see the file loading but startup fails (it could possibly get stuck in a load and try cycle) then you may need to rebuild the internal disk.

If after a load the screen remains completely dark and any attempt of restarting only results in a dark screen without writing, then it is possible that for some reason the internal bootloader is not loaded by the processors internal boot code. In this case it is likely that the internal disk must be rebuilt.

Rebuilding or replacing the internal disk is a fairly simple process.

Instructions for this are found here

Events that may result in an internal disk failure:

The internal disk is a 16GByte SDMicro card with a class 10 rating or better. Any good quality cards can be used, including those larger than 16GByte. Use at least a 8GByte card.
Disks may get corrupted or wears out either after prolonged use (many thousands of hours) or due to events such as unexpected power failures while the card is being written.
It is also possible to damage the cards in so called “brownout” conditions - effectively low voltage supply at the borderline of what the system needs to operate.
The internal electronics protects against these events as far as this is possible. In the unlikely event of a failure, replacement is easily sourced and with the instructions provided a new system can be built quickly.