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MGL Avionics

Rotax 912 Honeywell pressure sender . This document describes how to connect the new Rotax oil pressure sender. (not applicable to Stratomaster Ultra).

Ray Allen trim servo. This document describes how to monitor the trim position using the Ray Allen servo and display this on an Enigma, Voyager or Odyssey using the I/O extender. This document may also serve as reference on how to monitor other analog values.

Connecting, configuring and using the STX165R transponder with the MGL EFIS. This guide is based on the iEFIS but the G2 system is similar - instead of using the touch screen to interact with the transponder you use the keypad in combination with the "radio stack" component.

MGL CAN bus protocol. This document details the CAN bus usage for MGL EFIS systems and peripherals.

Navidata file format. This document details the format of the Navidata.ewd file. This information is normally only used if you want to create your own navidata file from scratch and have the required programming skills. Normal human beings may safely ignore this document.

Plates file format. This document describes the plates file format used with MGL EFIS systems.

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