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Instructions for rebuilding your solid state disk from scratch (G3 systems)

(Download files mentioned in this section are not yet available. The G3 system is not released to the public at time of this writing).

Remove the backpanel from the EFIS. Locate the SD Micro card holder on the G3 CPU card and remove the SD Micro card. The holder has a metal lid that slides towards the center of the CPU card for about 1mm after which it can flip open like a lid and release the card.

Format the SD Micro card in a Windows based PC using the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool (Download from this link). Choose the FAT32 format and select Quick Format. Once this is complete, reformat the SD Micro card using the GUIFORMAT tool. (Download from this link). Choose allocation unit size of 32768 and Quick Format.
After this is complete run the G3 file copy untility from MGL Avionics (Download here) which will install the MLO bootloader file, create the required folders and copy the terrain data onto the card. It will also copy the EXP3.BIN file to the card so have the latest version handy.

At this point you can install any other files you may want to have on your system such as maps, navidata etc. Copy them to the relevant folders on your SD Micro card. You can also leave this for now and install these files on the EFIS using the install tasks menu.

Insert the SD Micro card into your G3 CPU cards SD Micro card holder and close the lid (make sure you insert the card correctly. DO NOT TOUCH the contacts of the card or the card holder. If you do, please clean the contacts carefully using methylated spirits and an earbud. If you leave the contacts contaminated there is a good chance the card will stop operating some time in the future. Ensure the lid is closed and locked (slide away from the center of the CPU card for about 1mm to lock the lid).

Switch on the EFIS. If all is well, the EFIS screen will power up and the system will start. If the screen remains dark the primary bootloader is unable to find and load the MLO boot loader from the disk. Please ensure that you format your disk according to the above procedure. The primary loader (which is built into the actual processor chip) is sensitive to the format of the card.