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MGL Avionics

MGL Avionics aviation headset

Based on an improvement of a popular, high end brand, this headset is manufactured to MGL's specifications by one of the World's largest headset manufacturers.

High class anthracite look, metal frame - hand adjustable, no tools required. Very comfortable headband resulting in no pressure points due to light overall weight. Operates as mono or stereo headset with volume and balance controls with very good audio quality. Super soft gel ear seals with soft covering allows a good accustic seal even if you are wearing glasses. Very high passive noise suppression figures over the full audio band. Filtered, noise canceling microphone. Gold plated connectors and high quality, long life cable. Reversible microphone boom.

Perfectly matched to MGL's aviation band transceiver.

 Download the manual for this headset

V16 Airband transceiver

New generation, split modular VHF airband transceiver with a 10W transmitter and a two circuit  intercom system. Very low cost.

Can be controlled by EFIS, Razor or Vega heads or any combination of these.

Third party use fully supported by public ICD. Need a fully controllable VHF airband transceiver in your design or product ? Now you have it !

Click here for more information and downloads

Razor NAV/COM control head

Complete your V16 and/or N16 system with a 3.1/8” format touch screen controller.

Can be used as COM, NAV or combined NAV/COM control head.

Download the user and installation manual here:

Razor NAV/COM 3.18” head for V16 and N16

Note: Current Razor heads require a firmware update to enable NAV functionality (For firmware versions prior to 190218). Download update facility here.

Vega NAV and Vega COM control head

Seeking a standard 2.25” control head for your V16 or N16 ? The Vega head is your choice.  

Download user and installation manual: Vega COM or NAV 2.25” head for V16/N16

The Vega head can be used either as COM, NAV primary, NAV secondary or NAV ALL. You can connect multiple heads (for example one for COM, two for NAV) to one V16+N16 installation. Firmware updates are here

SMA to BNC adaptor

This optional adaptor may be used for V16 and N16 devices if it is desired to utilize a standard BNC antenna cable connector. Note: The V16 and N16 include a SMA to RG58 crimp style connector as standard.