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Coolant temperature probe

This probe fits the standard Rotax 582 thread.

This probe is refered to in MGL instruments as "MGL probe" or "MGL NTC sender". 

This probe is opimized for water based coolant temperature ranges.

Precision temperature probe

This probe is based on a LM335 silicon temperature sender and can be used with MGL instruments. Select probe type "Precision temperature probe" or "LM335 temperature sender".

This probe is electrically isolated which may be of advantage in some installations. The probe is suitable for water or oil based coolant temperature measurements.

CHT probes

These "under the sparkplug" CHT probes are popular choices for CHT temperature monitoring.

CHT probes are available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 18 mm (inside diameter ring).

The 10mm probe is popular for use as general temperature monitoring probe and can easily be bolted down (gearbox temperature etc).

Please note: These are pure copper probes and will quickly coat with a thin layer of oxide when exposed to air. If desired, this can be removed easily with Hydrochloric acid (pool acid) but this does not affect the probes performance.

CHT "Bayonette" probe

Machined brass body with freely rotating stainless steel shaft, 20 cm teflon cable, K-Type thermocouple. Thread standard 3/8"-24. Isolated probe configuration.

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