Enigma software binary download page

Download update file Enigma.bin (Approximately 1MBytes size). For installation instructions see bottom of this page.
Download matching simulator and screen designer EnigmaSimulator.exe (Approximately 1.4MBytes size).
Download update file Bootload.odb (Approximately 25KBytes). Version For installation instructions see bottom of this page.
Download current sound file Sounds.esd. For installation instructions see bottom of this page.

Current version release on this page:  (Uploaded 21 July 2014)

FlightOps system
Enigma application A

Fixed an issue that would prevent the user from selecting internal or COMX serial port for both autopilot servos if MGL servos where used.
Added support for new in-flight calibration SP-6 compass. Please note that to use new compass you need to select "in-flight calibration type" in the compass setup menu.
Removed turn-rate stabilized compass support for older units (Gyro-stabilized compass option removed in compass setup menu).

Upgrade notices for very old releases:

Please note: If you are upgrading from a previous database (files Waypoint.ewd, Airports.ewd and Airspace.evd) these files need to be removed before you change to the new Navidata.ewd file. South African users, please download new Navidata.ewd for South Africa here or create your own using MGL Central. Please view text on new Navidata database in User manual.

Upgrade notes: If you are upgrading from a version prior to, after update please go to system setup, then go to Initial setup (on page 2) and then select "set to factory default". This is required as the structure for storing settings has changed.
If you are upgrading from a version prior to Enigma, please deselect the new Rotor craft autoflight detect in operations setup after upgrade if you are operating a 3-axis or similar aircraft.
Update from version prior to Please set new calibration entries for LM335 and PT100 temperature probes if used. Both are in the Engine monitoring setup menu and are positive or negative adjustments in degrees C. Set to "0" for "no calibration".

Version history FlightOps system: Download a text file showing version history

Version history Enigma application: Download a text file showing version history

Instructions for updating your Enigma instrument:

Download the file "Enigma.bin" which contains your Enigma flightops operating system and Enigma application program.
Copy this file onto a SD or MMC card (Root folder, not a "subdirectory"), insert into Enigma and switch on.
Please Note: Software updates must be performed using a MMC or SD card. SDHC cannot be used to install software updates.
Enigma will then reprogram itself if another version of software has been installed.
Please note: Depending on your currently installed version, the screen may go dark for between 30 seconds and 60 seconds as the backlight is switched off which is required for some updates. Do not remove power, wait until the update has completed. Your Enigma will report itself for duty after the update has been completed. The Enigma.bin file does not need to remain on the SD card. You can remove it once the update has been completed.

Instructions for uploading a new sound file:

Download the file "Sounds.esd" which contains your Enigma sounds as shipped standard with every Enigma.
Copy this file onto a SD or MMC card (Root folder, not a "subdirectory"), insert into Enigma and switch on.
Go to menu level 2, then select "system setup". Once in system setup, press the down arrow to get to the second page and then select "system initialization". Now select "Load sound file from SD/MMC card". Wait a few seconds for the programming process to complete. You can remove the "Sounds.esd" file from your SD card after you have finished.

2 June 2008 New bootloader release

Important: You must update your Enigma to version or later before changing the boot loader.

Download new bootloader file here (Bootload.odb, about 26KBytes)

If your browser attempts to open the file or saves it with an extention other than ".odb", right-click on the above link, choose "save as". From the drop down list choose "Any files" or "All files" then edit the filename so it shows "Bootload.odb". This should now save the file to your disk correctly.
Ensure that you have your folders set to view all file extensions. If you do not do this the file may be saved as Bootload.odb.html and it will be shown to you as Bootload.odb only. Your Enigma will not recognize this file if it does not have the correct name.

Instructions for programming new bootloader:

Download file Bootload.odb and place on SD card. Ensure that your Enigma has been updated to at least version
Insert SD card and switch Enigma on. Go to Menu level 2, then System setup menu, then System Initialization then select "Replace bootloader".
You will be guided through a number of prompts and after some checks the new boot loader will be programmed and verified. This takes about 2 seconds. During this time your instruments power MUST NOT FAIL.
Updating the bootloader is a critical operation. If this fails you may be left with a non-functional boot loader. In this case your instrument needs to be sent to your MGL Avionics distributor if he has the ability to program a new bootloader (please check) or it needs to be returned to us to perform this operation. 

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